“James Healy is our Operational Manager. He is a mining engineer with over 25 years of experience in the management and supervision of mining operations, mine project construction and mine management, planning, design and engineering. Before joining us, he was Executive Vice President at Jaguar Mining with operations in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Our operating management team at Piedras Verdes is complemented by a strategic and technical executive management team based in Vancouver, Canada, and by the Invecture team based in Mexico City. The senior members of the operating and executive management teams have over 20 years of industry experience on average and represent a multidisciplinary team with longstanding experience in copper mines. The successful turnaround of the Piedras Verdes mine is a reflection of the operational and technical strength of our management teams based at the mine, in Mexico City and in Vancouver.”


+930 employees and 3,600 indirect jobs as well as actively developing local suppliers. It has a growing roster of 150 contractors from the surrounding communities across eight functional areas Mining, Leaching, Crushing, Geology, Engineering and Construction, Human Resources, Finance and Environment, Health and Safety