Piedras Verdes


Piedras Verdes is an open-pit copper mining complex located in the Mexican mining district of Sonora and has been in commercial production since 2006. 

Piedras Verdes is an elongated porphyry copper deposit that, based on exploration to date, is five kilometers long in an east-west direction and over one kilometer wide in a north-south direction, covering approximately 3,809 hectares. 

The mine is accessible by air, road and rail and is also close to the deep-water port of Guaymas. 


Based on the geological model prepared by Geovariances S.A. and the Piedras Verdes’ internal life of mine schedule, the PV Mine has proven and probable reserves of approximately 628 thousand metric tons of contained copper and a remaining mine life of approximately 10 years.


The Piedras Verdes ore processing uses a crushing system, which crushes ore to a size range designed to improve copper recovery; leach pads and stacking systems; a low-grade run of mine (ROM) ore leaching system; a solution extraction plant; and an electrowinning tank house that produces copper cathode. In addition, we also sell ore for flotation. 


We sell our Grade A LME copper cathode to internationally renowned, creditworthy commodity traders. We select our traders through a competitive periodic bidding process open only to well-known commodity traders.